How to Use the Face Shield Properly

As face masks are compulsory in enclosed spaces, face shields are handy to provide protection for the areas not covered by the face mask. You may have seen some face shield wearers pull them to the “up” position to the top of their head, exposing their mouth and face area. If this occurs, it is best practice to keep the face mask on or readjust the face shield. The face shield’s forehead sponge band should sit comfortably above the eyebrows, with the bottom of the shield sitting below chin level. As for Mioteq’s face shields, don’t forget to remove the protective film on the front of the face shield screen before first use.

Mioteq products such as face shields, safety goggles are durable and can be reused. Practise hand hygiene when using and cleaning them. Our face shields and safety goggles are perfect whether you wear contact lenses or prescription glasses. They are designed to be used to put over your prescription glasses. Feel free to download the image above as a friendly reminder for everyone in your workshops, offices, commercial or shared spaces.